05,00 EUR

alphacute / ace001

sozialistischer plattenbau / spb7014

[v.a.] - pink ponies versus blue bytes

7inch, 2006



  • a1: frederik schikowski - mein kleines pony (lords of gabber remix) Play button
  • a2: karl marx stadt - blue box (lxxxc refix) Play button
  • s1: error 23 - bytes don't cry Play button
  • s2: lxc - dagegen II Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

what ace000 started continues consequently: little special dance-whore-pearls with humour, low-bit-feeling and honest hommage to underground weirdro-electronica. making one step further this 7inch attracts with speedy gameboy-gabba, 4bit-melodies or just with natural instruments, rocking on the sharp edge between funny mashup-party-hits and nonsense-core. smile, shake your head - to the rhythm or out of ignorance, and wait for ace002!